Monday, January 17, 2011

. . . someone who´s life I helped change.

A nasty storm is brewing on the far side of Arapongas


Well, a quality week this week, but as far as progressing investigators goes, it wasn’t all that great. Anyway . . .

So we are teaching this one family that has 2 huge dogs that like to bark at us, and I got to thinking, maybe I could buy some doggie treats. Well I did, and the next time we went there, I gave them each a treat, and now every time we go there they run up to the fence and only bark in whiney tones. Haha, they love us. Why I didn’t think about that earlier, I do not know. It could have saved me a lot of grief.

Funny story: So we were eating lunch at a member’s house, and she asked us what the law of circumcision was. Haha. Can you say, "Awkward?" Well, we explained it as simply as we could and she said “Huh, that’s interesting.” She looked like she was going to ask more, so we quickly changed the subject.

Cool story: Last week while walking on the bike trail to an appointment, some lady was walking fast behind us, then yelled, “Oh, Elder Chee-toos!!!” (that is what my name sounds like in Portuguese.) I turned around, and to my surprise it was Camila (for those who don’t remember every part of my life, she was my first baptism from Ibiporã). It was a way cool experience. We talked for a while on the way to the bus station. She is still active. Her dad is the branch president now. Jefferson, her older brother, is waiting for his mission call to arrive. Anyway, it was cool, and nice to be able to talk to someone who´s life I helped change.

Well, gotta go.


Elder Titus

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