Monday, January 24, 2011

...the necessity of having a clean “inner vessel”

The world's tallest cathedral.

Looking out at the tree-iest city, Maringà (notice the tiny tiles on the walls of the building)

This last week one of my mission-long dreams finally came true, I got to go to Maringá! Yes! Although it was mainly seen from the inside of a van, it was still cool. I got to see the tallest cathedral in the world (at least that’s what they say... it appears so) and I got to stand under the shade in the tree-iest city in the world (at least, that’s what they say). It indeed has many trees. The city itself is really pretty and clean. About 350,000 people. The centro is covered in skyscrapers, like Londrina, and they are all covered in little tiles, which makes for a very pretty building. They also have a Burger King there. Zone Conference was also very good. No “cool” speakers (like General Authorities), just president, and the assistants. But it was nice and inspiring. At the end he talked about repentance, and the necessity of having a clean “inner vessel” as the scriptures say. President Tavares got out a clear vase and filled it halfway with oil, then poured in some grape juice, and it sunk below the oil because of density, which kind of hid it. He said that if he continued to pour in more juice, the oil would spill over the top, leaving just the grape juice (which represents sin). The only way to clean it out is to repent, and then president put a tube in the vase and siphoned the juice out, and it became "clean" again. Cool analogy and example.


We changed apartments this past Saturday. We have these big white tables, and they didn't fit in the elevator, so we had to carry them down 12 floors. Yikes! The apartment is brand new, but kind of small for all four of us . . . and no view! But it's nice to finally get all moved in.

Transfers are tomorrow, and it looks like I´ll be staying a 3rd transfer with my son, Elder de Jesus. Elder Prado has been transferred, so Elder Schirmer will get a new companion, Elder Jackson, who is coming all the way from Bauru, which is a 6 hour drive by bus.

So, we have a progressing investigator, Rodrigo (ho-dree-goo). He looks a little bit oriental. He’s cool, about 22 years old. He got an answer to his prayer, but he lives with his super, yet non-practicing, Catholic parents. So he’ll have to make a decision. Just letting us in the house is already a major move, but as far as following his answer goes, well, let’s just hope he chooses the right.

What should I do with my life? Any suggestions? I think I may just stay in Brazil as a beach bum.

Tchauzinho. (little bye)

- Elder Titus

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