Monday, January 10, 2011

. . because he has to be obedient to God.


My companion, Elder de Jesus is blue! He officially received a “blue letter” as they call it in Brazil, or in our terms, a “dear john.” Ahhh, poor thing. He was sure that his girlfriend would wait. Wow, was he deceived, not even 3 months!!! haha. I’m laughing because he’s in good spirits, and laughing as well. It actually was a “blue email.” She had some good lines in there, too. My favorite was something like “I’m not sure what type of design God is drawing in our lives.” So poetic! haha. I’m glad I came on the mission single.

Anyway, don’t worry about him, he won’t be pulling any stunts out of the movie “Best Two Years” on me. He’ll get over this quickly.

Oh, before I forget -- I am legal again! It went very fast. However, the lady belonged to another religion, and was quite grumpy. I couldn't help but laugh thinking about how she must feel. She's in charge of letting in Mormon missionaries who are working hard to convert members away from the church she attends. We just basically got re-fingerprinted, and sent on our way . . . and no time for pizza. Bummer.

This last week was incredible for us. We met Pastor Walter, a fairly new pastor. So the first time we met with him he just wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon. We marked a day to come back, and teach the Restoration. Anyway it went super well, and in the end he accepted baptism for the 22nd! It was incredible. There is only once difference between him and other pastors I’ve conversed with, he listens. Anyway, it all depends though, on his prayer, and God’s answer, because he said if God answers, then yes he´ll be baptized, because he has to be obedient to God. However, he was super busy this weekend, and he wasn’t able to go to church, so his date fell through, because you have to go to church twice before you can get baptized. That means we have to re-mark it. We’ll see how it goes.

Elder Titus

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