Monday, December 7, 2009

Pizza and Tan Lines!

Typical Brazilian Lunch of Rice and Beans

A Major Storm Brewing

This week was better. I found that the best thing to do in my companionship is just to keep my mouth shut and let him think that I’m listening. Just smile and nod (albeit with clenched teeth).

Well, I won’t know about transfers until tomorrow. I’m praying, pleading, and begging for a companion exchange. I think I might die if it doesn’t happen.

We found a family while tracting (knocking on people’s doors) that let us into their home to teach them. They happened to know a sister in our branch, so that’s going well. Our next lesson will be with her there, also. Those are the best types, when the people already have a friend who is a member of the Church.

Rui went to church finally. And at church we had the biggest turn out I’ve seen so far. About 85 people. Yeah!

Elder Galdino and Elder Carter (the other companionship in the apartment) celebrated 6 and 10 months in the mission this week. We celebrated by me cutting their hair. First time I’ve cut hair with scissors! Then I made a couple of pizzas from scratch that were INSANELY good. See picture (rockin that Brazilian missionary tan-line)

Pizza: The Perfect Food (and an awesome example of a missionary tan line)

We also got to attend cançoes esquecidas (forgotten songs), which is a Christmas musical that the Church is putting on in Londrina. It was pretty cool. I got to see Elders Webb and Gibbons (they were in my district while at the MTC) so that was cool too.

Words for the week:

queijo – cheese
queixo - chin
queixo is more of a shh sound.

Ahhh…I’m nervous for transfers! I’ll let you know what happens next Monday!

Paz e amor (peace and love),
Elder Titus

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