Monday, November 30, 2009

How Not to Teach English...


Here Comes the Rain!

Three Month Celebration

Oh, yes. Three months on the mission. Yeah!!!

Hmmmm, exciting things that happened this past week…

I attempted to teach English at an English Learning School. I had a hard time explaining why box=boxes and ox=oxen. Why not boxen, or oxes. Can someone explain this to me? Needless to say, it went horribly. But it was still nice to speak English.

I also walked more this week than I ever have before. We walked 18 miles in one day. The best part was walking 2 miles to an address that didn’t exist. And then immediately turning around and walking those 2 miles back. We taught 3 lessons that day. The rest was spent walking.

The remainder of the week was kind of boring. We only have one progressing investigator named Rui (whoo-ee). But he has skipped out on church two weeks in a row now. We teach a lot of first lessons, but very few second ones.

Things are pretty tense between my companion and me. He likes to treat me like a child and to enforce the rules. One morning I closed my eyes after the alarm went off at 6:30 AM, and accidentally fell back asleep for another hour. He was livid. He called me a fubeca (slacker missionary). I am trying so hard, and really feel like I am progressing well, but in his eyes, I can’t do anything right. It is pretty frustrating. Just know that I’m definitely learning patience here in Brazil. I will survive, because we have transfers in 8 days. I’m hoping one of us gets sent elsewhere.

Word for the week: "puxe" - pronounced "push" but actually means "pull." It doesn’t get much worse than that. When people tell you to “puxe” and you start pushing instead of pulling. haha

So, any guesses as to where I might get sent next? Or, if I remain in Ibipora?

Stay tuned!
Peace from Brazil.

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