Monday, November 23, 2009

My New Friend, a Talking Parrott!

My new buddy can say "Oi"

The countryside of Ibipora, Brazil

This Thursday is my 3 month anniversary!! Hard to believe, eh?

Things are going better and better every day with the language, but Elder da Silva and I aren’t having very much luck with the work. Elder Carter and Elder Galdino, who share the same apartment with us, are having a lot of success.

It rained 5 days this week. Not straight, but sometime during the day it rained. And like I said before, when it rains it pours. They are always thunderstorms, too. We got caught in 3 of the 5. It was a wet week. My umbrella broke due to overuse.

I found a parrot the other day that can say “Oi.” It was pretty funny. That means “Hi,” by the way.

Hmm, this week wasn’t super exciting as far as stories go. Hopefully I’ll have something to relate next Monday.

So here are some more “similar” words. It is a very tricky language! (Although I’m not sure it would be very easy to explain about our English to, too, and two!)

tesouras - scissors
tesouros - treasures

abacaxi - pineapple
abacate - avocado

The emphasis is on a different syllable.

comessem - imperfect subjunctive form of ´they eat´
come├žam - they start

A funny thing to do in Brazil (with people you know) is to make fun of their language, for example, the word “obrigado” (thank you), is pronounced ohh-bree-gah-doo. It’s super fun to say in front of Brazilians “abrigado” - ahh-bree-gah-doh. They hate it. All new Americans say it with an “ah” and the Brazilians will ALWAYS correct you, even if they know you are joking. It’s hilarious.

Until next week!
Elder Titus

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