Monday, December 21, 2009

Feliz Natal!

Elder Titus showing off his mad climbing skills

A moment of silliness (can you believe it rained so hard that my umbrella broke?)

This week was good!

Elder da Silva and I went to the hospital to teach short Christmas messages to people that are having a rough time. It was a humbling and very spiritual experience.

We usually have activities at the church on Wednesdays. This week was called “torta na cara,” or pie in the face. Similar to Family Feud, but with a pie in your face if you get it wrong. There was also a ridiculous sunset that night too. I had time to upload the sunset, but not the pie in my face photo – maybe next time.

Awesome sunset in Ibipora

I made a street contact with a lady bum. She told me that she didn’t want to die without God in her life and that she wanted to stop drinking but she couldn’t. I told her to pray for strength and just do it. I told her you’ll feel better and save a lot of money. At the end of our conversation she told me that she was ugly and looked horrible. I told her she was a beautiful daughter of God. She then double clenched my hand and gave it a nice long kiss...

Finally we're getting some good investigators. We have 3 solid families that we’re teaching. Family of Angelica, and Selma, and Antonio. Why are these families so special? They have member friends. It’s like night and day.

We might get an emergency transfer in the next few days due to some flirtation done by someone in my apartment. He didn’t do anything bad, but they want to make sure he doesn’t do anything worse. Is it bad to say I’m happy?

Portuguese lesson for the day:

edificio (ed jee fih sea-oo) = building
é dificil (same thing) = it’s difficult

There’s also a verb called “fartar.” It means to be satisfied; like “eu farto” which would mean “I´m full.” To say that out loud, well, it’s just weird. Usually we say “estou satisfeito,” or “I’m satisfied.”

Feliz natal to everyone! I get to call my family on Christmas Day!!!!! The first of only four phone calls home that are allowed during my two year mission. Next call, "Mother's Day!"

Elder Titus

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