Monday, July 18, 2011

He really, really, reminds me of me when I got baptized

Ugh, unfortunately I am not going to baptize consecutively my last 7 weeks. Fernanda didn’t get baptized this past weekend, but this coming weekend is looking excellent. Alex took two friends to church, Sabrina and William (siblings) and they are going to get baptized on Sunday.

This week we were given a less active member reference for Irmã Marina. She has a son who is not baptized yet. His name is João. He is nine years old and is a super cool kid. He really, really, reminds me of me when I got baptized. I was baptized when I was nine years old, also. I don’t remember why, but for some reason, my mom was not going to church at the time and when I turned eight, she didn’t push me to get baptized. She said it was my choice and I needed to make that decision when I was ready. So, I waited, and then at nine, I was taught by the missionaries and chose to be baptized. However, unlike me, João has a Catholic dad who we still have to go through for him to get baptized on Saturday, but I know that everything will turn out just fine.

Unfortunately, the computer lab lady is going to lunch in 1 minute and I have to log out.

I’m doing great. Every day that passes, I’m less trunky. Elder de Jesus is helping a ton.


Elder Titus

PS: And, sorry, I forgot my camera cable, so no pictures today. I know, I know, I’m lame.

PPS: 4 weeks! . . . hahaha

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