Monday, July 4, 2011

5 more “Tchau's” until “Oi!”

Elvis, Elder de Jesus, Alex, me

Finally we had some success. 9 days ago we were looking for a “less active” member named Elvis, but he wasn’t home. Instead, we found his 14 year old younger brother Alex, who was kinda intimidating with his gang style earrings, but I felt strongly that he would be baptized. So we taught him, and he became interested in our message and accepted baptism for July 3rd. Last Saturday we taught him and Elvis. Alex read the parts of the Book of Mormon that we asked him to read, and he prayed too. Sunday, the two of them took a long bus ride and went to church. Sunday night we taught him about the “Word of Wisdom.” He doesn’t use any of those substances, in fact he has a dislike for coffee, which is hard to find in Brasil. We taught him everyday this last week and he passed the baptismal interview on Saturday and was baptized on Sunday. He even took out his earrings.

There is a recently returned missionary in our ward named Eduardo, who is dating a non-member named Suzanna. She will probably get baptized this week too.

The weather has been pretty nasty here lately. Tuesday it frosted!!! Everyone was going nuts. Then it rained 4 days straight, but it wasn’t horribly cold. And now it’s back to cold, but this morning it didn’t freeze. However, it’s supposed to tomorrow. Keep in mind that we don’t have heaters and the walls are made of hollow brick, and I sleep on a foam mattress on the floor because there are only 5 beds, and 6 elders. It’s okay though -- in just a few weeks I’ll be in my OWN bed.

Today is officially transfer day. We lost Elder Griner and Elder de Oliveira. Elder Stinocher and Elder Guimarães will be arriving soon. Today also marks the official 6 week countdown until teleportation back to real life.

Only 5 more blogs too! I hate to say this but, I’m so happy about that! I’m not a big blogger and will probably never do this again. However, I hope you all have enjoyed them -- there are only a few more to go!

5 more “Tchau's” until “Oi!”


Elder “I’m not thaaaaat trunky” Titus

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