Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That is a Good Sign That the Members Trust Us

Birthday cake with Marco and family...

... and more birthday cake, this time with Irma Ophelia, Flora and their families

New cell phones!


VACA SAGRADA* I´M 20!!!! Yes, you sinners that didn’t tell me happy birthday, 'twas my birthday last week! And, thank you! -- to those who did remember. Well, I pretty much feel the same.... my b-day was cool though. We taught 3 lessons, but in the 3rd one we watched the “The Other Side of Heaven.” It was sweet. And throughout the week I got various random cakes. I’ve eaten sooo much cake this week because everyone loves me. Last night we had my b-day barbeque, and it was cool. Irmão Marcos grilled up shish-kabobs with chicken hearts. Elder McCombs was about to die. I ate 2 kabobs, he ate like one little heart. They do smell super weird, but they’re not that bad. Then we had more cake.

Right now I’m currently in Ourinhos, because President Tavares wanted to do interviews here. The bus ride is awful. It’s an hour and 45 minutes long, and makes a ton of stops. We had to get up at 4:40 AM today. Awesome. However, my interview was cool. President Tavares shared a spiritual thought from Joshua 1:5-7, when Joshua was filling the shoes of Moses, and felt inadequate. The Lord tells him that He will be there with him, just as He was with Moses, and told him to be strong and of good courage, and follow the law that was given to Moses. Then in verse 8 it says that he will have success. It was a good little thought. At the end he gave me a blessing (he gave a blessing to everyone he interviewed). Interesting too, is that he asked about the work here, and I told him that we are receiving member references. He told us that is a strong sign that the members trust us. Yea!

Flavia is out of town. We are now teaching Flora’s daughter, Jozie, and her children. The lessons there are sweet. Jozie’s husband has potential further down the road. They all went to church, minus the husband

Augusto returned, then went away again, but has now returned again. Also that lady I talked about last week, Silvia, is still all set for August 7th.

Also we got a new cell phone!!

Time is short, so . . .

Tchau, until next week,

Elder Titus

*Vaca sagrada! = Holy cow!

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