Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yea For Member Referrals!

Zone Conference. That's my companion, Elder McCombs on the front row, left side.

A map of our area. We live in Assis, but travel to other cities close by.

This is sooo awesome! I think we need these in America!

Oi colegas! There’s a lady at the post office that says that to us, it’s annoying. It means collegues, we’re not amigos, just colegas.

Last p-day was a good one. After I used this sweet phone (see pic above), we ate lunch at a burger place in Ourinhos with the gang. On the long bus ride back home, my companion, Elder McCombs started feeling sick. When we got off the bus, he barfed muito! And then many more times on the 2 block trek back home. Poor thing. As for me, well, I have the immune system of a hippo, so the food didn’t even phase me. Plus, I ate açaí that morning. I testify that it works. If they ever make an açaí commercial, I’m there. Anyway, he’s all better now.

The rest of the week was good though. We are teaching a family in Candido Mota, (see map of our area minus Ourinhos, and south of the river) who are progressing very well. Jozi, her daughters Stefani and Ianca, and recently her husband Rogério, and Jozi’s mom, Flora.

Silvia is going to get baptized this Saturday (as long as she passes the interview, of course). She lives in Maracaí (on the map, it is to the west of Assis). And another investigator, Augusto, is still hiding on the farm. Ugh. We are also working with a few members that have some references, and we will probably make contact with them next week. Yea for member references!

Last week, we were teaching this one elderly guy (José) and in the middle of the lesson, he got up from his chair, went into another room, grabbed his guitar, and then commenced playing and singing two songs for us. He was actually pretty good for a 70-year-old. It was sweet.

Well, I have writer’s block and can’t remember anything else at the moment...take care, and see ya later!

- Elder Tito

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