Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When we don't go, we slowly forget...

Silvia's Baptism Day

Our Tower of Açaí (Elder McCombs and I ate THIS much in one month!)

Yo yo,

This week was good, but sad. Currently, I’m here in Marilia, waiting to pick up my new comp, Elder Morris. Elder McCombs, my bestie, is on his way to Maringá, city of trees. I’m sad, but life goes on.... well, I hear Elder Morris is from Mississippi, so it should be a new experience. He’s starting his second transfer, so he’s quite new. I also hear he is a big dude.

On Saturday, we had the baptism of Silvia, and all went well. She choose Elder McCombs to baptize her, and I was glad because the water was super cold. We’re asking for a water heater... we’ll see. I gave a talk about “the gospel” (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end) at the baptismal service, because not a lot of people went. But it was still good.

Jozie and family are progressing very well. They all (minus Rogerio, the husband) went to church. Tomorrow we’re gonna go visit them and bring along a male member of the church with a strong testimony, who is from Candido Mota, to try and befriend Rogerio so he comes to church.

Everyone else is doing awesome. And Augusto has returned for good now because he started college, so hopefully he goes to church this week and remembers how great it is, and gets baptized. He’s kinda forgotten how great he felt when he went in June, but that’s how it goes. When we don’t go, we slowly forget how good it feels until we get accustomed to not going. That’s one of the many reasons why we need to go church every week!

Crazy news: one of my former companions, Elder Galdino (the one whose parents died a couple months back) is now Assistant to the President, which is crazy (in a good way). This is a position that is usually reserved for the elders with only 3 or so months left on their missions, and he has 10 months to go. I knew he would be AP some day, but holy cow, that was quick!!! So, parabens* to Elder Galdino, he’ll be a great leader!

Well, see ya later!


*parabens = congratulations

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