Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Even the Hard Times Have Been Good Times...

Gotta love that red dirt!

Walking the line with Elder McCombs

Okay, perhaps this wasn't the best place to sit down...


Not a super lot happened this week, but it was good nonetheless.

First of all, some crazy fad hit Brazil. Last week I think some popular person flew a kite and now everyone and their moms are flying kites. It’s weird. It’s not even that windy.

Brazil lost to the Netherlands, que triste (how sad)! Everyone is depressed. But it’s good, they needed to get humbled. Now they are more teachable. Haha, just like the Nephites losing to the Lamanites.

One of the sisters in our ward brought two of her sisters to church, Flavi and Flori. They want to get baptized, so that’s very cool. It’ll probably happen later in the month. This same sister, Irma Ophelia, is one of 19 siblings, all born to the same mom. And I thought Sister Kibbie, with 13, had a lot of kids. Holy cow!

Agosto has been out at the farm with his dad, so he didn’t go to church last Sunday. Also his mom didn’t go to church because she had to do some work at home (she’s a seamstress). But they promised to go this week. We met the less-active guy that lives with them, Henrique, and he’s cool. He’s 21, and he wants to serve a mission and stuff. He just needs to start going back to church again. We testified about how good the mission is, and how it’s the best two years of your life. He liked that. I have to admit that at first I really didn’t think the mission was all that wonderful, because it was super hard -- but looking back, even the hard times have been good times. So just imagine when all is going right!

Paz (peace),

Elder Titus

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