Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've Got Transferred!

Practicing with Elder Hair before the big game.

Our district.

Packing up for the transfer to Assis

Welcome to Assis!

Finally, after forever, I was transferred from Bauru and I’m in Assis now. It is a small city outside of Marilia. It took 2 hours to get to Marilia, then 3 hours waiting at the bus station, and 1 hour to get to Assis. I got here like 20 minutes ago. It’s a cute little town, with a little branch. I’m here with Elder McCombs. I was privileged to stay senior companion. There’s been a shortage of missionaries lately, and there are more seniors than juniors. I stayed senior, so that must mean that President Leal still likes me. Elder McCombs is on his second transfer now, so he’s pretty new. Crazy thing is, guess where he’s from? Amost incredibly unbelievable -- he’s from Puyallup! haha. I’m stoked. He seems like a good guy.

Alright, so about last week: Futebol was awesome. The Americans won 11-9 (the Brasileiros did not take it well). Yours truly made a ridiculous amount of goals. Elder Neves and Pinheiro both played barefoot on the concrete court. Crazy. It was intense. Prophecy of the world cup? Maybe.

So yeah, the baptisms fell through...again... but they’re not done yet. Genesis is scheduled for the 12th of June. His mom is getting a little more tolerant each time we visit. Wilson’s little daughter is supposed to get baptized on the 5th. We also are teaching a less active member’s girlfriend, who is scheduled for the 12th, also. But of course, I won't be there. Slightly bummed.

I got a job offer at an English school... haha. Too bad I was transferred!

So yeah, I’m stoked to serve here. Change is good. We’ll see what 2 American gringos can do here in Assis. As always, stay tuned!

Até mais,

Elder Titus

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