Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Genesis is Back!

Me and Elder Neves.

Our district watching a Disney movie at the church.

Dear people,

This week was pretty swell. It started out with a miracle after our internet session last week. In the middle of the city square, we found Genesis! Just as I had accepted that he would not be getting baptized, he appears. WHAT? He wants to continue the discussions. So we went to his house, and his mom was still insane, but we cleared up some doubts. She chilled a little. But it’s still gonna be hard to get her to sign the baptismal form. We’re praying and fasting. He wants to get baptized sooo bad. And while talking to his mom, he was crying and it was heart wrenching. Anyway, it’s looking better. We’ve taught him up to lesson 3.

Wilson´s little girl is set for baptism this Saturday, too.

So last p-day was tight. We watched Disney’s “Flushed Away,” and “Open Season” (in Portuguese, of course, so it's "allowed") at the church as a district. Disney movies are fun to watch in Portuguese, because they do better with the dubbing of the lips. Afterwards we played soccer in the back, because we found a ball, and there’s a court out back (concrete). Me and Elder Hair weren’t too bad actually. Neves is nuts, and Pinheiro is good, too. Elder Campelo just kinda stands there, but he makes a good goalie. Everyone’s getting stoked for the World Cup that starts in a couple weeks. I hear it’s worse than Carnival, but less sin. Everything closes down; Schools, businesses (missionary work). Everyone is glued to the TV. Last week Elder Moraes was transferred, and Elder Hodges arrived to join the district. He’s good at soccer…so today it’s Americans vs. Brazilians at the church. Pictures will come next week.

Also, I got a sweet, awesomely amazing package from my mom. I forgot how good American Easter candy is. Ohhhhh Cadbury creme eggs.... Peeepssss!! Ohhh, so good! I also got a Frisbee, some instant butterscotch pudding, and other stuff. Funny thing was that my mom had Brother Lofgran (who flew to Brazil on business) mail the box from Sao Paulo, cutting off a month of shipping time. My mom is cooler than yours!

Check out the tree pictured below -- good luck trying to climb that one!

Any "tree huggers" wanna give this guy a try?

So next week is the “emergency transfer.” We’ll see what happens....any guesses???

Zones: Foz de Iguaçu, Cascavel, Maringá, Apucarana, Londrina, Tiradentes (Londrina Stake #2), Presidente Prudente, Marilia, Tupã, and Bauru.

I’ll throw it out there, and go for Maringá (one of the tree-iest cities in the world).


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