Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day is Almost Here!

There's a little grove that has some awesomely weird stuff in it, like this dinosaur...

...and a train...

...and finally, a sleeping homeless man. I wonder if he saw the anthill nearby?


Solid week this week! Getting excited to talk to the old momster. I miss that lady. But, that’s life, who doesn’t miss their mom when they're so far away and for so long?

We returned to Mateus´ house, and he had prayed and received a strong answer from Heavenly Father, and was excited about how he could feel the warmth in his heart. MAN! If only everyone could just do that. a) few people even pray; b) rarely do they want to know; 6) rarely will they recognize an answer if it comes and d) they won’t follow it even if they do recognize it. He passed all of them, and wants to get baptized on the 15th. That’s how its supposed to work!!!! BUT, his step dad didn’t let him go to church on Sunday because they were going to a barbeque. DANG! So, we’ll try for the 16th after church.

There’s also a man in our ward that is dating a lady who will most likely get baptized the 15th, and his daughter also. I really hope he can come through for us, because we’re on a serious dry streak. Speaking of dry streaks, it’s not just us, the whole mission is horrible. April was the worst month for baptisms in the history of the Londrina Mission. Only 41 baptisms!!! That’s pretty bad. Presidente Leal is not happy. In his last letter he talked about laziness and pride. He totally burned us. But, in reality, everyone is trying their best. ( I think.)

Other news, there’s a guy in our ward that traced his genealogy to Adam and Eve. He found a book about his ancestors, and once you get to the kings, then to the bible, its all down hill. So that is cool.

Transfers are quickly approaching . . . May 19th! Although I have no idea if they will transfer me, I’ve been secretly hoping to be sent to a little town called Jacarézinho, or loosely translated to mean “Little Alligator.” Not sure why, it just sounds cool . . . and I want to see if they really have little alligators out in the boonies.

Well, gotta go. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, (especially mine, but I get to tell her personally!!!!!)


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