Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Transfers are Next Week!

Butterfly dance. Isn't she pretty?


This week was pretty hard. Sunday especially. Mateus and Leia didn’t go to church again! So it’s looking a little bad. Their step dad is being a toad. Now we have to look at the possibility of cutting them, and that’s a hard decision, because they already received an answer and stuff. But we can’t even teach them!

Natalia brought a friend to church, so we´re gonna teach her and her family here soon, so that should be cool. On Thursday we challenged her to bring a friend to church, and she came through! Also, we had 5 less-active members at church, so that’s good, too.

Sunday night was way awesome, as I got to talk to my mom. It’s sooo good to hear her voice after not hearing it for 5 months.

Our friend Wilson didn’t come to church on Friday with his girlfriend, so she won’t be getting baptized this week. BUT, he has a little 8 year old daughter who will be getting baptized this Saturday. She counts as a convert baptism, because he’s excommunciated. So, I don’t think we´ll go through this transfer without baptizing anyone.

On Wednesday we had a short zone conference, and I got a surprise delivered to me from Elder Villela (my previous companion). It’s what I’ve always wanted. A piranha! I named him João (John). I was sooo stoked!

Meet João! How would you like those teeth nibbling on your legs?

I was asked how I’m doing physically.... well, life has been good here. I got sick a few times in Ibipora, because it was a little more humble location. But since Bauru Centro is one of the wealthiest areas in the mission, I have yet to get sick. Blessings! Hard to teach here? Yes. Diarrhea? No. It’s worth it then.

Transfers are this coming Wednesday!! Ahhhh, what’s gonna happen???!?!?! Will I stay? Will I be sent somewhere new? Will I get a new companion? Only President Leal knows. Stay tuned. . .

Elder Titus

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