Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Cycling Hero!

Yo Yo!

Check out this dude in the picture! I mentioned him in one of my earlier blogs. He rides his bike like a horse, using “reins” to steer with. And that’s all he does all day long – rides his bike around town (what a life!). I’m pretty sure he’s drunk, but wow – he’s got some mad skills!

Natalia's baptism. Hard earned, but well worth it!

Finally, after a year, we were able to baptize Natalia! Good grief, that was a struggle…so many obstacles to overcome. Baptism is such an important step in life, a huge commitment and often full of sacrifice -- but a whole lot more full of blessings from Heavenly Father. Now we’re working on the rest of the family. Next up is her brother Bruno, then the father Adão, then the mom Angelica.

Unfortunately, we had to cut Ricardo, because he didn’t want give up the Snowball Church (the name of his church). It stinks to cut people, but that’s life. It is so disappointing to teach them everything, and then have them deny it. We hope that one day he will have the desire to be baptized.

Again, not a ton happened, just little things. On Friday we did a “multirão,” where other missionaries go to one area to help out, and we went to the area of Geisel, because their ward has a frequency of 45 people. Ours has 110. So they’re struggling there.

The city of Bauru, off in the distance

Monday I went on splits, where you switch companions for a while. I went to Marechal Rondon, and Elder Hair came here. I spent the day with Elder Neves, who arrived in the mission field the same time as I did. From there, I climbed on his roof and took this picture. Finally, a picture of the city of Bauru. And there, in the midst of all the skyscrapers, way in the distance, is the area of Elder Titus.

I'll be back next week!
Elder Titus

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