Wednesday, March 3, 2010

6 Month Anniversary!

Six month celebration

My new friend, Mr. Vulture!

This is the local internet cafe where I send my emails from

Yo yo, man, I forgot to mention that I celebrated 6 months last Friday!! Times flyin!

Last p-day, we went to the zoo. It was a small zoo, so kind of lame, but still an adventure. And because I’m so smart, my camera died there, so no cool pics to show off (except for the vulture). The lions were sleeping, bummer. But, they had a lot of parrots and monkeys, which was pretty cool. Other than that, it was a typical zoo.

For the first time in my life we had zero investigators at church. Not sure why. We are working our butts off here. Will (an investigator) didn’t feel prepared, even though he’s cigarette free, so he didn’t get baptized. And as all was looking down, we had an amazing day teaching on Sunday! I’ll mention some names next week after we see who is really serious and goes to church.

Something that we really depend on here is street contacts. We stop people on the street, give a brief overview of our message and try to get their addresses. The thing that sucks though here, is that because we’re in the center of the city of Bauru, most people live outside of the center, in areas that belong to other missionaries, which is great for the other missionaries, but not for us! For example, in 2 days we wrote down 8 addresses, but only 2 were in our area, and 1 didn’t exist (so that’s fun). But yesterday, life got better as we crushed our previous record and got 7 references in our area, in one day. Let’s keep it up!

Sunday too, I gave a talk in church, about reading the scriptures daily. I used a lot from the manual “Preach My Gospel,” chapter 2, about effective study. 10 minutes. If you think giving a talk in regular church is bad, try it in another language. OK, it’s really not that bad, I’m exaggerating.

Interesting thing - in the MTC, I bought a can of pure mango juice thinking it would be good, but later found that I could only drink two gulps, it was horribly thick. This week a member gave us the same brand of juice at lunch and I downed 3 full glasses without blinking…I guess you could say I’ve become acclimated.

Transfers were yesterday. I’m staying with Elder Villela in Bauru for another 6 weeks, so that’s all good. Elder Yuma is going to Marilia; Elder Neves took his place with Elder Hair. Elder Neves arrived with me in the field, he’s cool.

So that’s kinda what’s going on for now, I think next week should be better.

Elder Titus

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