Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Wanted...

Beautiful Brazilian countryside, just outside of Assis

Supermissionary is called in for the tough jobs!

Olá, meus queridos seguidores, (translation: Hello, my dear followers)

Okay, so sorry I didn’t really give any updates, I know you guys are dying to hear about what’s going on currently in my life, so forgive me, I am unworthy...

So, at the one year mark, all missionaries have to renew their visas, and get re-fingerprinted. We have yet to do this. So, if I get picked up by the police, I’m a gonner. I could get deported. But, it’s the secretary’s problem, and both the secretaries are former companions, ahh, it makes more sense now – they’re getting back at me!! Elder Carter and Elder Villela are their names. If I get deported, I’m egging their houses.

However, until I get deported, I will continue to preach the gospel.

Jozi was sick but is better now. She went to church last Sunday and after Sacrament Meeting came up to me and told me that she was touched by the Stake President’s talk and wants to mark a date for her baptism. Well okay now, take it easy, we will. Don’t worry. So it’s marked, September 10th. But it’s not over, keep praying that everything will go well. A lot can happen in 10 days.

Augusto still has to decide if he’s going to farm, or if he’s going to church. Decisions decisions!!!

So, we live close to a grocery store that has 4 American goodies. I am happy. Estou FELIZ!!!!! (If you look closely at the labels, the name is in English, but the other information is in Portuguese!)

Well, that’s about it. Tchau


Oh my sweetness! American candy just down the street!

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