Wednesday, September 15, 2010

German Pancakes! Blissfulness!

How would you like a chicken for an indoor pet?

Olá meus queridos!

WOW everything went wrong this week!!! Okay! Tudo bem, welcome to my life as a missionary! Just another reminder that I’m in control of nothing!!! (Well, except my attitude, which is just fine.) So we had this activity at the church on Saturday, and it was really fun. We’re doing activities every week, related to missionary work. Each week we share a message from “Preach My Gospel,” because we’re trying to make it a home utilized book, not just a missionary book. And this Saturday was an activity at the church, and we got President Jorge (our branch president) to come, and he shared a message about developing Christ-like attributes, (which just so happens to be my favorite section). Then we ate some cake, and then had some egg racing. Flavio came, and he even brought along a friend, and his friend from the branch came too, as well as his roommate. It was a good turnout from the members, also. Flavio said that he would be coming to church the next day, Sunday. HE DIDN’T SHOW!!!! Arrghhhh! Baptism, cancelled!!! You have to go to church at least 2 times before you can be baptized.

At an investigator’s house, named Eloi, we made root beer. It turns out some missionary that passed through here about 2 years ago left them some extract. And they never used it. So I saw it and got excited. The root beer turned out okay. I told them it would be good with vanilla ice cream, so they went to the store and came back with strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Well.... it wasn’t that bad, but it’s certainly wasn't as good as vanilla would have been.

I sat down and compiled a list of the top 10 things I miss most (not necessarily in order). Family and friends not included.

#1 - French Toast (food has sooo many categories that I will create another top 10 list just for food another time)
#2 - My Bicycle
#3 - My Freedom/Independence
#4 - Wearing Shorts 24/7
#5 - Cold Weather
#6 - BYU-Idaho
#7 - English (Elder Morris doesn’t count, I can’t understand his English)
#8 - American Measuring System (pounds, gallons, miles, feet, inches....)
#9 - Facebook
#10 - Flirting


Here’s a challenge for you. Try to say this: Três Pratos de Trigo, para Três Tigres Tristes. (Roll the “r’s,” but only once; Brazil is not Mexico) Translated: 3 plates of flour for 3 sad tigers.

Well, transfers are next week on Wednesday. I’d rather not stay here for 4 transfers. But we'll see. So, do you remember the zones? Starting from south to north. Iguaçu Falls, Cascavel, Apucarana, Maringá (Elder McCombs!!!), Tiradentes (Londrina #1), Londrina (#2), Bauru (been there, done that), Marilia (current zone), Presidente Prudente, Tupã. Where do you think I will be writing from next week?

Elder Titus

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