Monday, April 25, 2011

Everyone knew about the baptisms, except the people who were to be baptized!

Note from mom: Last week Elder Titus didn't send his blog on Monday, as he usually does, and I left a note that said he had not blogged -- however, he sent it the next day. So, if you missed reading last week's post, be sure to check it out. It's a good one!

Easter lunch!

Baptism of Vitoria and Jennifer

Awesome birthday cake we made for Jennifer

Wow we had a GREAT week!!

President Tavares challenged the Londrina mission to have the best weekend that our mission has ever had, and it happened! We set a mission record of 38 baptisms in one week! Guess what the best part of that is? Seven of those came from the tiny little zone of Cascavel, and five of those came from me and Elder Cavalcanti. There is a city 2 hours away from here called Palotina that has a chapel, but no missionaries, and they wanted an elder to go there because they had some non-members who were attending church. So Elder Cavalcanti went there with the stake president and walked away with 3 baptisms. Everyone knew about the baptisms, except the people who were to be baptized! The stake president told the branch that they were going to have a baptism that weekend. So, the branch president called everyone and they filled the font. Then he walked into the house of the people who had been attending church, carrying 3 white baptismal suits and they accepted baptism. Amazing faith. Crazy!

Meanwhile, I stayed in Cascavel where we are teaching a family of five, but the parents aren’t married, and it’s taking forever to get it ready. They have 2 daughters that are baptismal age, Jennifer and Vitoria, who were so excited to get baptized on the 30th, but I asked the family, “Why wait until the 30th? Let’s do it this Sunday!” And we did. We are working hard with the parents to get everything ready so they can join their daughters next month. The baptismal service for the girls was really spiritual and everyone was crying. It was also Jennifer’s 11th birthday and we made her a cake. She told us that it was her best birthday ever. ahhh.

Well my time on the computer is even shorter now because I have to pass the numbers on to the secretaries, amongst other things.

Have a great week!
Elder Titus

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