Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zone Conference!

Laundry day in Brazil.

It's a Swingin' Life!


This week was decent. It was pretty busy, too. We had a zone conference all day in Marilia last Thursday. We rode the bus for about an hour and a half to get there. The theme was on how to better use the Book of Mormon in our lessons. There were a couple of lectures and some practices. It was great to be around so many other missionaries, and even some from the MTC, like Elder Webb, Elder Ghormley and Elder Yuma. They’re all doing really well.

Then on Saturday, we went to help out the area of Geisel all day, because they’re having some problems there.

At zone conference I also met up with Elder Galdino (one of my past companions). Three weeks ago, his parents died. It was super tragic. His mom died of a heart attack while attending the funeral of her husband, Elder Galdino’s father. It was almost like a corny movie. Unfortunately, it was real life and that’s truly how it happened. I’ve been worrying a lot about him, and finally got to talk to him -- and to my surprise, he was all smiles. He barely mentioned what happened. He was in high spirits and super excited to see me, since I’m his favorite missionary (not a surprise, it is me of course....hehe). He will be staying on his mission, although he is a bit concerned about where he will go after his mission is over. His parents were not members of the Church. I’m really glad that as members of the Church we are comforted by the FACT that we will get to see our loved ones again after this life. And conditional upon our obedience while here in this life, we can live together forever with them as eternal families, not until death do us part.

Last p-day our zone got together and played some frisbee, ooohhhh…I felt at home again. And then to make it even better, this morning we got together again and had an American breakfast with pancakes, syrup and eggs!

The work here is going good, and as of now, the day of May 15th is looking like it's going to be a good day for baptisms. Next week will be better, and I’ll give you more info and name some names.

Elder Titus

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