Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning Patience Among Other Things...

The view from our apartment in the city of Bauru

Warning! Flash Flood Alert

I think I forgot to say “Happy 5 Months!” last week. I celebrated by taking a shower – outside! The weather that day went from hot to tempest-of-the-year in under 20 minutes, literally. Brazil knows how it’s done. We were actually trapped on a street corner as a raging river went rocketing down the street. Umbrellas are useless too, when the rain is coming sideways.

This week had more downs than ups unfortunately. I had a guy this week tell me to go back to America. That was kind of depressing for like 20 seconds. Then I got over it. Also, we taught a guy that had read anti-Mormon publications about Joseph Smith, saying that he was a drunk, beat women, and was imprisoned for crimes. The man was furious. I swear, when he spoke he was holding a bucket of tar in one hand and a bucket of feathers in the other. We finally calmed him down and were able to leave in peace, but it was difficult. And there were times when I nearly lost patience with him. Unfortunately, we were in his house, and he had the right to speak.

As missionaries, we all have our downtimes. You can have an amazing week all week long and then have one lesson like that one, and it ruins everything. But we learn and grow from the experiences we are faced with. Imagine the patience involved. In the end, we all come out better missionaries with stronger testimonies. The trick is learning to truly love those that hate you. It’s a process, and as a man, I’m not a fan of that guy, but as a missionary and brother, I care for him and wish him the best.

Rosi and Cida didn’t keep the word of wisdom last week, but they are doing perfectly this week, so far. They are conquering the hardest things to overcome: addictions to cigarettes and coffee. We should have 3 baptisms this Saturday. Natalia will be baptized, too. Hopefully her family will follow soon.

I made french toast this week. Oh, mercy! And take note, mom: The first place we are going to when I get back is DENNY’s!

Elder Titus

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