Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Companion Gets Bit by Ferocious Wiener Dog!

The view from our apartment

Aparecida and Rosangela

The end of p-day last week was going well, haha. As we were walking past a lady with two leashed wiener dogs, one of them randomly jumped out while we passed by and bit Elder Villela on the leg. Elder Villela yelped. We´re hoping that he doesn’t die, but it’s in the hands of the Lord. Just kidding, he is fine.

Rosangela and Aparecida were finally able to fulfill the Word of Wisdom and they got baptized last Saturday. I baptized Aparecida, the one on the left. That was a bit difficult, because, well, she’s a big lady. But I did it.

We had an interesting experience this past Sunday. During church, some crazy lady yelled in through the window, “Can I come in?” One of the bishopric members then escorted her in. She walked up to the front row, and took a piece of bread from a deacon, and asked loudly if they had water. Then she turned around to leave, telling the deacon not to touch her foot, of which he replied quietly that he wasn’t. She then left screaming like a demon. I thought it was funny, but some members didn’t see the humor.

Just when I thought I had seen everything, I saw a guy riding a bike with horse reins attached to the handle bars. He was sitting upright, holding the reins and steering the bike with them. Very strange.

This weekend is looking empty for baptisms unfortunately. We had a nice spiritual lesson with Adão and his family with the Stake President there, too. We talked about eternal families and actually marked the baptismal date for everyone for the 20th. The next time we returned, everything completely changed and only Natalia wants to be baptized, but her parents won't let her. I don’t know what happened. It’s frustrating.

We need to find new people to teach this week.

Portuguese lesson for the week:

jamais - never (nunca is more formal)
demais - too much

Eu jamais como demais. (I never eat too much.)

Funny verb I learned in the dictionary: ziguezaguear, means to zigzag (pronounced: ziggy-zaggy-ar)

Elder Titus

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