Monday, February 21, 2011

...our week improved a lot...

Elder de Jesus and me after a hard day's work

Jackpot! Blueberry jam in Brazil!


So after an incredibly difficult week last week, we decided it was time to switch our area of strength from Flamingos to Sampaio, which is located closer to the church. This last week, we worked really hard to find new investigators, knocking doors, doing street contacts, and talking to some members. We marked 10 people for baptism, taught 33 lessons, received 40 addresses, and had 4 people at Sacrament Meeting. Needless to say, our week improved a lot. We got one false street contact address and when we found the house, the person that lived there doesn’t exist, but the number exists. To our surprise it was a rich house with an interphone as a doorbell. We buzzed, and an older, wealthy man, Mendes, answered. He told us that Roberto didn’t live there. So, we took advantage of the opportunity and asked if he would like to hear our message, and to our surprise he let us in. We taught his family, wife and 10 year old daughter, and they all paid attention -- and my favorite part about these people is that they understood the message, and accepted baptism for the 6th of March. HOWEVER, they didn’t go to church because Mendes has his own business, and sometimes has to work on Sunday mornings. Boo! But, we´re not going to give up.

We also found a sweet elderly lady that came to church, who accepted baptism for this Sunday if everything goes well. Her name is Olivia

In other news, we stopped by an “all natural market,” and they had blueberry jam!!!!! Ohh, heaven in a bottle! For R$ 11.00, I splurged and bought it. Blueberries don’t grow in Brazil, and they are expensive to import, so I have never seen them in Brazil before.

Today we´re going to give up our P-day and go to Londrina to participate in a conference with an Area Seventy, named Elder Tobias. There´s a rumor going around that in April, Elder Neil L. Anderson will be coming to Londrina to talk to us missionaries (it’s been 6 years since an Apostle has set foot in Londrina).

Elder Titus

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