Monday, November 22, 2010

He speaks a lot of “Portañol”

So, mom says that it is snowing in Covington! That’s weird. It seems that the weather has been kinda crazy everywhere. It’s actually not THAT hot here, whereas last year I wanted to die. And it’s not just because I’ve gotten used to it, its actually kinda cold here. But, that’s a good thing, and I’m not gonna complain. Have fun with the snow!

So the branch here in Arapóngas is pretty cool. It has an attendance of 100 people. It was established in 1996, and is currently the Stake Center for Apucarana, a much larger city south of us, about 30 minutes away. However, Apucarana is just finishing a monster church building (2 stories) there, so when the new building is complete, it will become the Stake Center, and we’ll just go back to having a branch building. The members here are all nice and cool. The pioneer member here is actually from Argentina, his name is Juan. He got baptized in 1957, and shortly after that, he immigrated to Brasil, where he has been helping out the church a lot. He is a very large man, and speaks a lot of “Portañol” (Português + Español), but it was fun to talk with him yesterday. We talked for an hour. Awesome dude.

Elder de Jesus, my companion who is fresh from the MTC, is doing awesome. He is obedient and hard working and I’m proud to call him my filho (son).

Well, I’m super out of time today.


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