Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heading for the Campo (Field) This Friday!

Self Portrait

Goodbye Sao Paulo!

I leave for the campo (field) this week, on Friday the 30th. I have been here at the MTC (Mission Training Center) for 9.5 weeks. We leave at 4 AM for an hour and a half long flight directly west to Londrina. There are 17 of us going down; 6 Brazilians and 11 Americans.

This week the MTC had the opportunity to hear Elder Richard G. Scott, from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He is fluent in Portuguese. He had many great things to say, primiarily about being a good example, and working hard. He said that a good indicator of whether you're working hard enough is if you go home exhausted each and every day for the next 97 weeks.

We also got to pick up some trash, too. WooHoo! At first, it sounded dumb and pointless, but as I started out, I really got into it and felt like it was a worthy cause. The streets here are insanely filthy. People wonder why the streets flood so easy. Well, it's because the sewers are full of trash. Anyway, it was a good thing to do.

Next week the real updates start coming as I start being an actual missionary. We're entering the rainy season, and I hear Londrina gets a LOT of rain, and the thunderstorms are unreal.

Fun fact for you: Londrina means "Little London" in Portuguese!

I will compile more of these in the future, but here are some words in Portuguese that are similar to other words in Portuguese that are easy to mix up. For this week, I could only think of one. There are many, many more that I've slipped up on already, but I'm having some serious brain farting going on right now with my time constraints. More next week.

religiao = religion
relogio = watch

People look at you like you're really stupid when you ask, "Voce tem um relogio?" or, "Do you have a watch?"

"Ate proxima semana" or "Until next week."

Elder Titus

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